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Small to Midsize practice that have gone digital require desktops pc’s that can multitask and even connect multiple monitors together.

Most practice management software have a minimum and recommended hardware requirement for desktop computers however every practice must take into account that this the recommendation for the software it self.

The software vendor does not take into account additional software that you may be running concurrently such Outlook, Quickbook etc.

For this reason we recommend that oportoty computers at mimum have an i5 or better intel processor with atleast 8 GB of ram.

Front office computers such as checkin and checkout computers need higher performance due to the fact that staff at front office is always multitasking and have multiple applications open at the same time.

We recommend front office and doctor computers at minimum of i7

computers do not change too frequently and for this reason we recommend the following nameing convention for computers.

It is always a good idea to use numbering sequence in your naming scheme.