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Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts

Go to Amazing Charts and download the installer. (

Network Amazing Charts:

Share the Amazing Charts folder for use on a network:

Step 1: Double click on my computer.

Step 2: Double click on the c: drive.

Step 3: Double click on program files folder.

Step 4: Right click on the Amazing charts folder select sharing and security.

Step 5: Check boxes for share this folder on network, and check box to allow network users to change files.

Step 6: Click apply the folder will be shared.

Step 7: For some computers you will have to select the security tab and select the names from the list that appear there and on the check boxes that appear below allow full control for each one to be able to change files and do that for every name on the list to completely share out folder.

If you do not see the security tab do not worry about it because it is not a feature for sharing in your version of windows.

Linking workstations to your main database for use on the network:

Step 1: First install the program on the workstation. It will not automatically be there because you installed it on your main computer.

Step 2: Once you have the program installed double click on the amazing charts icon.

Step 3: When the setup assistant comes up and asks you if you are working on a network or connecting to you local database select no.

Step 4: The search window will pop up and allow you to browse over the network. Select my network places, select entire network, and pick the workgroup your computer is in then double click on the computer that has your main database stored on it.

Step 5: Once the computer is open select the amazing charts folder and open it, then select the amazingcharts.mdb click open at the bottom of the dialog box, and it will connect the program to the main database.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 for all other workstations that will be running amazing charts and it should work fine.

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Move the Amazing Charts database to a new “main computer”

We had issues copying a large backup, so a workaround would be to :
1: Open Backup Restore Utility. Set the options to verify data and hit the 2 boxes to exclude Imported Items and Images
2: Copy that small backup file along with the 2 folders : Shared Data and Imported Data. You will paste those into the new server.

The “main computer” in Amazing Charts (AC) is the computer that contains the Amazing Charts database, which stores all patient and practice information. Other “local computers” connect to the “main computer” to read and save information on that database.

These databases cannot simply be copied to a new computer, since they are linked to SQL Express (a database program) on that specific “main computer”.

The following instructions will describe the steps to take when moving the AC Database to a new main computer:

Install Amazing Charts on the new “main computer”
Back up your old “main computer” database
Restore the new “main computer” to the back up
Connect all “local computers” to the new “main computer”
On the New “Main Computer”
Make sure your new computer is networked and in the same workgroup as the old “main computer”.
Download the installation file for latest version of Amazing Charts.
Install Amazing Charts. In the first window that pops up, select “Yes, this is the main computer…”
Double-click on the Amazing Charts icon on the Desktop.
When asked to find the AmazingCharts.xml file, click on it in the local directory – “C:\Program Files\Amazing Charts\Amazing Charts.xml”. Then click Open. (If you saved Amazing Charts to a location other than the default, you will need to find the Amazing Charts folder, and then find the AmazignCharts.xml file within it.)
During the Setup process, create a dummy account by entering fake Practice Information and a simple ADMIN password. Add one fake highest-level provider. There is no need to add a schedule.
Complete the Setup process.
Close Amazing Charts before heading to the old “main computer”
On the Old “Main Computer”
Find the Amazing Backup in the Amazing Charts folder (C:\Program Files\Amazing Charts). Double-click on Amazing Backup.
Click Step 2 “Backup In Vitro”.
Use the Browse Path button to navigate through your network and select the desktop of the new computer for the destination of the backup file. You can also save the backup to a thumbdrive.
Optional: If you have a large Imported Items folder, the backup and restore procedure will be faster if you exclude Imported Items. To do this, click the Advanced Settings button on the lower left, and check off “Exclude Imported Items”. Then, either copy the Imported Items file (C:\Program Files\Amazing Charts\Imported Items) to the desktop of the new computer, or save the file to a thumbdrive.

Click Backup Now and wait for the process to complete.
Disconnect the old “main computer” from the network by either shutting it down, removing its network cable, or simply unsharing the Amazing Charts folder.

Back on the New “Main Computer”
If you saved the backup file to the new main computer’s Desktop, find the file, which will end in .enc. If you saved the backup file to a thumbdrive, connect the thumbdrive to your computer.
In the Amazing Charts Folder (default location at C:\Program Files\Amazing Charts), double-click on Backup Restore Utility.
Click the Restore Database button, and select the “.enc” file from your Desktop or from your thumbdrive.
Optional: After the restore is complete, if you excluded Imported Items when creating the .enc file, drag the Imported Items folder that you placed on the new computer’s desktop or on the thumbdrive into the Amazing Charts folder and overwrite the Imported Charts folder already there (If yous aved Amazing Charts to the default location, you can find the folder at C:\Program Files\Amazing Charts.)

Log into AC and, when the “Amazing Charts Setup Assistant” appears, choose “This will be the Main Computer”.
You will now be asked to locate the AmazingCharts.xml file. In the window that pops up, click on the AmazingCharts.xml and then click Open.
Amazing Charts will now allow you to log-in.
Close Amazing Charts before moving on to the local computers.
On Each “Local Computer”
The next time you log into Amazing Charts on any of the local computers, remember to connect to “[NewServerName]\Program Files\Amazing Charts\Amazing Charts.xml” on the new “main computer.” (If the main computer saved Amazing Charts to a location other than the default location, you will need to find the new Amazing Charts folder location and select the AmazingCharts.xml file within it.)

If you have trouble connecting your “local computers” to the new “main computer,” or if you are having trouble restoring the backup on your new “main computer,” please contact Amazing Charts Technical Support at (866) 382-5932.

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