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Installing Dentrix G6, over a network

Step 1. In Windows 7, click the Windows Start button, and click Run. In Windows 8/10, right click Windows Start button, and select Run.

Step 2. Enter “\\(servername)\Common\Installs\g6\Setup.exe” on the command line, where “Server” represents the name of your Dentrix server computer on the network.

– The Installation Setup screen appears for several seconds, followed by the Welcome screen.

Step 3. Click Install Software. The screen that appears lists the products you can install. From this screen, you can install Dentrix G6 and the Required Components.

Step 4. Click Install Dentrix G6. The InstallShield Wizard begins installing Dentrix.

Note: If your system does not meet the system requirements, the Dentrix System Requirements Notice dialog box displays what your system needs in order to meet the system requirements.

– After the Dentrix software has been installed, the Setup Complete screen appears.

Step 5. Select whether you want to restart your computer now or later and click Finish.

Additional Information: Dentrix G6 Installation Guide_WEB.pdf