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Migrating Dentrix Server DB – G6.0

  1. Ensure Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0 is enabled on the new server
    1. If it does not show up in “Programs and Features” Dentrix will prompt to install for you
  2. When Installing Dentrix G6, (ALWAYS create Server and Workstation) opt to create a new blank database for the new server.
  3. After installation finishes, go into the Common folder and add the following suffix to these folders:
    1. Dentrix SQL_blank
    2. DBCopyforBackup_blank
    3. DOC_blank
  4. Stop DentrixACEServer and Dentrix Communications Service on old server
  5. Copy these 3 folders from the old server’s Common folder into the new server’s Common folder
  6. Run the Dentrix Server Utility and run a restore on new server
  7. If database does not open after the restore is run (error 451):
    1. copy the FAIRCOM.FCS file from “DBCopyforBackup” on old server
    2. Stop Dentrix services on new server
    3. rename the FAIRCOM.FCS file within the “DB” folder to “.old” then paste the FAIRCOM.FCS file in the “DB” folder
    4. restart Dentrix services
  8. Run Dentrix and update as needed