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Creating a Perio Chart Path

How can I create my own Perio chart path?
Beginning in either the practice management or clinical screens in Eaglesoft, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to File | Preferences | Perio.
  2. Click on User Defined Path Setup.


  3. Enter a Path Description


  4. Select the path by clicking in the boxes in the Perio Path Setup window. A number will appear in each box you select, in the order you select them. This will be the order that the path will take on the Perio Chart.


    Note:  The Buccal side (in red) is represented by the top row above each tooth number and the Lingual side (in yellow) is represented by the bottom row below each tooth number.

  5. Complete the path for all teeth. If you need to start over select Clear All. If you want to clear one item at a time from the last item you entered, select Undo. Once the path is complete, select Save.


  6. In File | Preferences | Perio select User Defined under Process, then choose the path you wish to use by default. Click OK to save your selection.


  7. In the patient’s Perio Chart you will now see the Custom Path you just created in the Process drop-down menu.

    The Perio Chart will now follow the path you select.

Please remember this is a workstation specific preference.