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Passwords for Removing All Users


When trying to run ‘Remove All Users’, I receive a message indicating that Exclusive Use is required.  We have checked each workstation, and each machine is logged out of Eaglesoft.

What steps should be taken so that I can run ‘Remove All Users’?


Utilities | Remove All Users is used in the following situation:

  • You receive a message that Exclusive Use is required and…..
  • You have verified that everyone is logged off of the system and …..
  • You are still getting a message that Exclusive Use is required.
  1. Go to Utilities | Remove All Users.
  2. The following screen will be displayed:
  3. From the list below, find the password that corresponds with the number displayed in the Remove All Users screen.
  4. Enter password, press TAB and then click Remove.
  5. If you receive the question “Would you like to view a list of all users on the system at this time?”, click No.
  6. Click Yes to “Are you sure you want to delete all other users from the users table?”.
  7. “All other users were successfully deleted from the system” will be displayed.  Click OK.
  8. Click Cancel to exit the “Remove All Users” screen.

Remove All Users Passwords 1 = Dog 2 = Cat 3 = Cow 4 = Pig 5 = Thunder 6 = Book 7 = Horse 8 = Unicorn 9 = Telephone 10 = Picture 11 = Pancakes 12 = Ace 13 = King 14 = Queen 15 = Jack 16 = Joker 17 = Box 18 = Radio 19 = Music 20 = Mouse 21 = Hotel 22 = Card 23 = Zulu 24 = Cabinet 25 = Candy 26 = Tape 27 = White 28 = Green 29 = Number 30 = Paper

* You should always check all machines to verify that they are logged out of the system before performing Remove All Users. (Performing this option will not boot anyone directly out of the Eaglesoft program.  This will remove any database connections listed under User Summary.)

* Dual Database Users:  When doing remove all users on Dual Database, you are only removing the users from the database you are logged into when running the Remove All Users.  For example, if you are logged into the Primary database, the Secondary database will not be affected.

*nSite or Multi-Site offices: When doing a remove all users if they are sharing a database, you will be removing all users even if they are at different locations.

* If you are doing a significant number of Remove All Users, contact Patterson Eaglesoft Support at 1-800-475-5036 so that troubleshooting steps can be taken.

* nSite or Multi-Site Users:  When doing remove all users on nSite, you will removed ALL users from ALL sites. All users are sharing one database therefore they will all be removed.