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Signature Pads

What model of signature pad does Patterson support?

The Topaz SignatureGem LCD 1×5 (T-L462) is currently the only signature pad supported with Eaglesoft.  To purchase, please call 800-294-8504.

NOTE: There are two models of T-L462 signature pads that are fully supported with Eaglesoft.
* T-L462-HSB – This model is for use with standard desktop PCs and will be sufficient for most offices.
* T-L462-BSB – This model is ONLY for use with Terminal Services / Remote Desktop implementations.

*****some models require a COM port be open for them to work. check the device manager and see which COM port the signature pad is using, then make the appropriate changes in the Demo software.*****

Installation Procedure:

*Make sure the Topaz Signature Pad is NOT plugged in.

  1. Go to the Topaz website:
  2. Scroll down and find the number matching the serial number on the pad the office has. (Generally the L-462)
  3. Download Topaz Signature Pad to your computer’s desktop, Right-click and click on Save As on this icon.Image
  4. That download will put a Sigplus icon on the desktop.  Double-click on the Sigplus to install.
    (After the installation, SigPlus will be found in your C:\Windows\SigPlus folder.)
  5. After you double-click on the Sigplus icon, you will see this window. Click Run.Image
  6. Click Next.Image
  7. Click Next.Image
  8. Click Next. The Destination Folder will be selected on C: (unless the office asks you to change that).Image
  9. Change the Model number to T-L radio button. (The model is on the back of the signature pad.)Image
  10. Make sure to choose the correct Signature Pad Model number from the list. (The Model number is on the back of the signature pad.)Image
  11. Choose the Connection Type. (Models that end in HSB or USB will be the HSB(USB type).Image
  12. Read the License Agreement.  Click Agree.Image
  13. Allow time for the Installation to go through.Image
  14. Click Yes to add Demo Ocx to the desktop.  Click OK.Image
  15. You will receive this pop-up to show you where the install notes and setup documents can be found.  Click OK.Image
  16. Click OK.Image
  17. Click Finish.Image
  18. Plug the Signature Pad info an open USB port on the machine.  The Topaz Signature Pad is now ready for use.