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Gendex GSX-700 within Eaglesoft

To get the Gendex GSX-700 Inter-oral Xray sensor to work with eaglesoft, complete the following 3 step process:

Step 1 :
Check the version of GxPicture the office is currently using.
Download the GXPicture version that the office is currently using from
Install GXPicture
choose other with filters
Select the xray sensor type on the next page and hit enter

Step 2 :
Run this registry hack so the sensor/camera will show up in Eaglesoft:

32 Bit Machine: Regedit : Hkey_Local_Machine / Software / Eaglesoft / Chairside / Digital Xray
64 Bit Machine: Regedit : Hkey_Local_Machine / Software/ Wow6432 / Eaglesoft / Chairside / Digital Xray

New Dword 32 bit value, call it GXS Installed Modify > Value of 1


Step 3 :
Install calibration/correction files

Copy the Gendex Calibration files from another Operator y room by going to following locaton.

C:\Program Files or Progam Files X86 \ Gendex \ (XXXX)_Calibration Files

Copy the entire (XXXX)_Calibration Files folder to new workstation same location.

Update Eagelsoft Preference Setting Xray tab

Choose default device as sensor and choose Gendex Imaging as sensor.

Step 5

Make sure Gendex icon in task manager shows green when sensor is plugged in.

Take a test xray or have the practice take a test xray to confirm imaging is working.