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Set Up and Use Fast Check-in

General Information Regarding Fast CheckIn

This kiosk-styled check-in center is designed to permit patients to enter registration information directly into the system unassisted. Included in the registration information will be Patient Demographics, Medical History, HIPAA forms and the ability to view CAESYvideos. This module can also be installed onto a computer that does not have Eaglesoft installed.  To install Fast CheckIn, see the Eaglesoft installation instructions for the version of Eaglesoft that your system is currently on.  Fast CheckIn requires a 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

Preferences Setup:

Under Utilities, select Fast CheckInPreferences.  In the Fast CheckIn Preferences, select the checkboxes associated with the items that you wish the registering patient to access.

  • Patient Demographics
  • Medical History
  • Require Signature on Medical History
  • HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices – To customize the message to the patient, select the Edit button.
  • HIPAA Authorization – To customize the message to the patient, select the Edit button
  • HIPAA Consent

*NOTE ON THE HIPAA OPTIONS:  Go to Lists | Practice Information to set up or verify the date there is what they would like to use.  Any patients Not meeting this criteria will have the HIPAA form automatically presented during Fast CheckIn

  • Custom Documents (See the Custom Documents Setup section below.)
  • Prompt patient to view CAESY presentations attached to today’s services.
  • Automatically cancel Fast CheckIn after _____ minutes. Enter the number of minutes after which you would like Fast CheckIn to cancel the current session.

    Select Set Arrival Indicator when Patient is sent to Fast CheckIn to indicate in OnSchedule that the patient has arrived at the practice. Leaving this option unchecked will set the arrival indicator once the patient has completed Fast CheckIn.

  • Use last saved Medical History exam data when starting application. If this option is checked, the system will default the medical history section of the Fast CheckIn to the answers provided in the patient’s last medical history exam.
  • Generate account note based on viewed pages will create a general note in this patient’s note history window that contains a description of the Fast CheckIn screens that were displayed and answered by the patient
  • Password to exit Fast CheckIn – When a computer is operating in kiosk mode, it will not exit the Fast CheckIn operations without this password. To stop the kiosk mode operations, select Ctrl + Shift + P on the keyboard of the kiosk machine. A prompt will appear for the password.

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Custom Document Setup

Custom Documents
Select the checkbox to include the listed documents in the Fast CheckIn Wizard. If this option is deselected, all the buttons and list box associated with this option will be disabled. Disabling this option will NOT delete any existing custom documents.

  • New – Select this button to open Custom Document Setup window and add a new custom document to the list.
  • Edit – Select this button to edit the selected custom document
  • Remove – Select this button to permanently delete the currently selected custom document as well as any images attached to this document.
  • Up – Select this button to move the selected document up in the list.
  • Down – Select this button to move the select document down in the list.

Document Title – Enter a title for the document. This field is required.

Narrative – Enter a narrative for the document. The narrative should explain to the patient what the document contains and/or instructions to complete the document.

Text Document – Select this option to enable/disable the Edit button. This will also clear any other selected radio buttons in the group.

Edit Button – This button will open up an RTF editor so the user can write a custom textual document.

Scanned Document – Select this option to enable the Scan button. This will also clear any other selected radio buttons in the group.

Scan Button – This will open the scanner interface allowing you to scan one image or document to be used in the Custom Document.

Imported image – Select this option to enable the Import button. This will also clear any other selected radio buttons in the group.

Import Button – This button will open a window so you can import a custom image to be used in the Custom Document.

Preview Button – This will bring up a dialog so you can preview the document.

If no radio button has been selected (Text Document, Scanned Document, Imported Image), the user will be given the option to continue without selecting a custom document.  If the user continues, then the custom document will default to a textual document with a blank document.

Requires Signature – Check this box to require the patient to sign the document before continuing the Fast CheckIn wizard. This will save a copy of the custom document to the Patient’s SmartDoc.

Enable Drawing on this document – Check this box to enable the patient to draw on a document, to mark checkboxes, for example. This option is only available for scanned or imported documents. This will save a copy of this custom document to the Patient’s SmartDoc.

Always Show Document – Check this box to always show the document every time the patient visits the Fast CheckIn. If this option is deselected, the patient will only see this screen if they have not been to Fast CheckIn since the last time this Custom Document was updated.

Pen Color – This is the color to be used when drawing on a document.

Document Group Link – This link will open up the Document Image group window to allow the user to add, select or modify document groups. If they select a Document Group from this window, it will automatically update the Document Group dropdown menu.

Document Group Dropdown Menu – This will allow the use to select which document group the custom item will be saved to when it is created in SmartDoc.

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Using Fast CheckIn

To Send a Patient’s Information To Fast CheckIn:

Select the Fast CheckIn button in Edit | Patient.
Right click on a patient’s name in any window and selectFast CheckIn.

After the front desk has sent the patient to the Fast CheckIn terminal, select the Begin button to begin verifying information.
A signature pad, Tablet PC or mouse can be used to sign documents.

Patient Information
Verify and update your personal information.

Medical History
Answer the provided questions for your Medical History information pertaining to Doctor’s care, allergies and illness.

HIPAA Information
Read and sign the provided HIPAA consent and privacy forms.

CAESY Presentations
Select from the available CAESY video presentations pertaining to today’s treatment to view.  This option is only available to offices using CAESY.

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Fast CheckIn Activity
Under Utilities, select Fast CheckIn | Activity to view the patient information that has been sent to the Fast CheckIn kiosks.

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Fast CheckIn Kiosks No Longer Limited to Desktop Computers

Fast CheckIn will work on laptops or Tablet PCs (see Hardware Requirements – FAQ 5073 on our FAQ website).  By using the iTap RDP App on an iPad or Xoom tablet, offices can have a light weight and mobile Fast CheckIn kiosk that their patients can take right to their seats.

See iPad and Xoom – Microsoft Remote Desktop Installation and Setup – FAQ 19225 for more information.