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X-Charge – Ingenico iPP320 Setup in Eaglesoft

  1. After logging into X-Charge Software:
    1. Click “File,” then “Setup”
    2. Click “Devices” (Left-hand column)
    3. Click “PIN Pad Device Setup…”
    4. Another window appears, under “PIN Pad Device” there is a drop-down. Find the device from the list in the drop-down.
    5. Select the right COM port under “COM Port”
    6. Click “Load Forms to Device” and “Load Settings to Device”
      1. If you get an initialization error, click the other option first.
    7. Test the Device
  2. Confirm the Topaz signature Pad is installed (See page for Installing Topaz Signature Pads)
  3. Login to Eaglesoft, in Main Office view, click on “File”, then “Preferences”
    1. Click on the “Accounting” tab
    2. In here, there is a box that says “Digital Signature on Credit Card Payment” – Check this box.
    3. From here, test a transaction in ES to confirm the Credit Card works and the patient will have to sign a few seconds after the transaction completes.