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Claris i4D Camera Troubleshooting


Make sure windows is seeking the right driver from the Claris folder on the server
run the application in the VGP folder:
click the left-hand “Install” button first, when “Success” appears at the bottom, then click the right-hand “Install”

*If you get and error message at the bottom instead of “Success,” press the “Uninstall” buttons in the same order first, then “Install” again
In Eaglesoft:

Under “File” click “Preferences”

Within “Preferences” click the “X-Ray” tab then click the “Video” button at the bottom

In the window that pops up, the two fields should contain:
“Standard Windows Driver Model Device”


“Default Device Hi-Speed USB Video Grabber”

*As long as the camera operates outside of Eaglesoft, this method will work