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PracticeWorks Preference Information


Preference files for local users are located in C:\PWORKS\pworks.ini

pworks.ini  stores the preferences for all of the users on the computer. If you require the details of the preferences of all of the users on a particular site, the Server has a copy of this document called PWORKSGLOBAL.ini that contains everything.


PracticeWorks Preference Settings


PracticeWorks  stores configuration settings in 2 places.

Each workstation has a file located at c:\pworks\pworks.ini . This will have workstation specific settings such as layout, imaging and printer defaults. Also has server paths.

The server has a configuration file located at \\server\pworks\data\pwglobal.ini that has global settings for the program.  (User preferences , Print statement settings, Form types, Imaging, and the daily report settings)