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Sync Issue with Lighthouse

Lighthouse will stop syncing properly with PracticeWorks if  the number of stations with PracticeWorks open exceeds the number of licenses available minus one. For example, if there are 10 licenses at a practice, only 9 stations can have it open before the 10th one revokes the license from the server, which also halts lighthouse.

To resolve this issue, make sure there are not too many instances of PracticeWorks open on the workstations in the practice.
After that is done:

  • Open Services on the Server machine
  • find the Lighthouse Digital service and select “Stop”
  • Restart the Pervasive PSQL Relational service (very important that you do NOT restart PSQL Transactional service, that would kick the entire practice off of PracticeWorks)
  • Restart Lighthouse Digital service


To see the nuber of licenses being used at a practice, open up the command prompt and enter “pcc”. It may take a minute to open.

Go to Tools -> Monitor -> Micro Kernel -> Resources Usage