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Attaching Dexis Images to Claims Issue-Resolved

There is a known issue in a brand new install of Dentrix when using the Dexis Integrator for Dentrix


The newly created “dtxid.dat” file needs to be updated for each patient via pulling patients from Dexis into the Dentrix patient chart via the integrator

Whenever a patient is pulled from Dexis to Dentrix into the patient chart via the integrator, the patient’s ID is appended to the “dtxid.dat” file, creating the patient in the database.

Once this connection is made, Dexis images can then be attached to Dentrix claims as normal

Some software, such as Easy Dental, does not use .dll files, instead, they use a standalone “.exe” to integrate with Dexis

Upon converting to Dentrix from a software like Easy Dental, a foundation must be made for the database. This is the “dtxid.dat” file. Since, prior to using Dentrix, there was no “dtxid.dat” file to convert over, one must be made from the ground up.

This is an issue specifically tied to converting TO Dentrix from another dental software that does not use the .dll files.



**As of March 2017, Dexis Integrator for Dentrix is going through a major rewrite.      This issue will be corrected in future updates