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Installing Schick for Eaglesoft


Do not have sensor plugged in
1. location of  ES Digital folder on the server (site specific)
2. Run digital.exe
3. Security warning select run
4. Select Shick , and disconnect schick box.
5. Select ok ( if installsheild does not pop-up press win bottun on keyboard and select at bottom)
6. Select next
7. Choose CDR 2000 USB remote click next
8. Next
9. Click Yes shick sensor should be defualt
10. Click finish
11. Plug in shick sensor, and exit install.
12. Go to \\server\d\software\eaglesoft\shick win7 driver
13. Run CDR 2000 USB Driver Setup
14. Security warning click run
15. Click ok
16. Click next
17. Selected complete and click next
18. Click next
19. Click finish
20. Open device manager
21. Browse the list of items for the Other Devices node. Expand it if necessary and

select the Unknown device item.

22. Right-click on the Unknown device and select “Update Driver Software” from the

context menu.

23. Select “Browse my computer for driver software
24. Click the Browse button and navigate to the CDR-2000 driver: C:\Program

Files\Schick Technologies\Shared Files\Drivers\CDR-2000

25. Click Next
26. If a Windows Security message appears, click “Install this driver software anyway”
27. The message, “Windows has successfully installed your software driver software” is


28. Click Close
29. Open eaglesoft and log in
30. File>preferences select x-ray tab
31. Verify that Default device: sensor
32. Verify that Default sensor: schick sensor
33. Go to \\server\d\software\eaglesoft\shick win7 driver
34. Copy sensors folder
35. A.) In folder options select show hidden files

B.) Go to   C:\Programdata\schick technologies\cdr

36. Replace the sensor folder with the copied folder.
37. test
38. Plug in Sensor
39.) Log into Eaglesoft, and click on Display monitor (operatory).
40. Click on the X-Ray
41. In Find, type Test, and click Enter.
42. In bottom of left column, select New Exam.
43. Select “Multiple Horizontal Mandibular pa’s
44. Power on X-Ray machine, and test with Alligator clips. Point X-ray camera to clips and sensors
45. On Gendex Hallway, verify Computer is selected and press and hold Blue Button until it beeps to take X-Ray.