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Prosuni Server Migration

Steps to move Prof. Suni from one to server to another server



1 Backup the Apertyx\ProfSuni and all subfolders.


2 Get all the software registration codes (jot these down)

  • Login to ProfSuni on the current server machine and jot down its registration code.
  • Go to Tools – Advanced Options- Reregister Application
  • The license numbers will be displayed.
3 Unshare the current ProfSuni location  
4 Copy all the folders and subfolders for ProfSuni as it is.  
5 Reshare the ProfSuni files from the new server location.  
6 Provide full read/write security to all users.  
7 Reallocate or reregister the registration code for the new server location.  
8 Change the path for the ProfSuni shortcut to everyone’s computer to the new ProfSuni server location.  



  • on a win 7 machine – you will need to right click on the shortcut go to properties then click the advance button and set it to run as administrator.


* Also, you will have to go into ProfSuni, enter 1 of the registratration codes.   Then to Tool-Advance Options-Reregister Application and make sure all the registration codes are still in the ProfSuni system.



Take the register code with the check mark and go to the apteryx website to have it reset.


Place the information needed for them to reset and they will reply back to you when done.