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Installing Planmeca Pro Sensor

  1. A USB stick should have come with the sensor
  2. Copy all contents from the USB into the techworksinc\drivers folder on the Server.
  3. Label this folder “Planmeca Pro Sensor”
  4. Within the Planmeca Pro Sensor folder, open the WIN folder
  5. Open Imaging
  6. Open DIDAPIKIT_Standalone
  7. During installer, check the box that says “Pro Sensor”
  8. When installer finishes, check Device manager to check that the device is showing up properly
  9. Reboot computer
  10. After reboot, run pmsample as admin
  11. Click INTRA
  12. Open C:\ProgramData\Planmeca\Didapi\CalibrationFiles
  13. Calibration files will populate in this folder until the bar turns green
  14. Once bar turns green, setup is complete.