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Installing Sidexis

Sidexis Install

Browse to \\SERVER\pdata\setup\autorun.exe (sidexis)

Run the autorun.exe
Click Next (keep the path as default)
all prerequisites will be installed first, then the program will install.

\\SERVER\pdata\setup\galileos\autorun.exe (sidexis workstation)

\\SERVER\pdata\setup\galileos\galileos implant\1.9.5605.25519

\\SERVER\pdata\setup\galileos\galileos implant database\1.9.5602.25513


Accept all defaults except for Sidexis and Implant install: please make sure path for image storage is correct and for the Implant portion uncheck the last box at the end of install.
It asks for license key to be entered each time.
If for whatever reason there is more then one file for Implant and Implant Database run the file with the higher numbers.
There is an NGSQLBackup folder located in pdata. This tool is used to backup the SQL for the Sidexis software.
Within the folder there is a silentbackup.bat file which needs to be scheduled to run prior to office backup of Pdata folder.
Any questions please contact Sirona at 1-800-659-1505 press 2 and 2 again for there tech support.
You may need office # or serial of pano.