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One-click communications in a busy practice is all that is needed to alert staff to a ready patient, a new arrival to the reception room or to call an assistant to an operatory. BlueNote Communicator Lights does not require the use of a server or an internet connection, installation takes only a few minutes and can be set up in your practice without IT help.

Instant messaging and chat programs are great for one-on-one chats, but they are less than ideal when you don’t know the location of a staff member. BlueNote has customizable notifications and complete visibility of all active lights.

Practice Wide Light Panels with up to 120 Programmable Light buttons
Conversations Messaging system to communicate directly with individual computers
Office Status – Visually show when staff is out to lunch or gone for the day

Click and take Action.

Lights do so much more than blink! Deeper actions within each light give you the power to deliver precise information exactly when it’s needed. You can even use BlueNotes to help you gauge how much time is being spent gathering health history, waiting for a doctor, or time between procedures.

Click. Pop. Ding.

Popups discreetly let you know when new Lights are activated. Or program a Light to trigger your smart phones and watches. Our email and text messaging alerts follow you no matter where you are in the practice.

Click. BlueNote Lights NoteBoard
Pop. BlueNote Popup Alert
Ding. Apple Watch Notification Email Alet

BlueNote Email Alerts

General Features

  • Aging System that changes the color of a light based on how long it has been active
  • Tone and Popup alert notifications per light
  • Time Stamped History
  • History Export
  • Sequenced View to sort and show only active lights
  • Alert Manager to filter out un-needed tones and popup alerts
  • Do Not Disturb to temporarily mute all notifications
  • System Wide Quick Messages
  • Privacy Lock to secure an unattended BlueNote clients
  • Resizable client to fit your Windows desktop
  • Server-less design – no software to load on your server
  • VPN and Terminal Services compatible
  • Secure Network Communications

Individual Light Features

  • Three levels of Priority
  • Each Light can be programmed with a unique tone from our library of 200 tones
  • Custom BlueNote Messages
  • Custom Color
  • Light Escalation
  • Refresh Light Notifications
  • Delayed Post
  • Time Stamped Comments
  • Single Click Light Activation
  • Elapsed Minute Counter

Have a Conversation.

Conversations let you ask a question, share a thought, request help or simply let a staff member know they have a call. Messages can be sent to single or multiple staff members as needed. As the message progresses, it will be threaded together into a single conversation with each time-stamped response in order.

  • BlueNote Conversations
  • BlueNote Converstions
  • BlueNote Conversations
  • BlueNote Conversations
BlueNote Office Status

“…impressive in its minimalism.”

The new Office Status feature is all about where people and things are, who’s at lunch and what room needs a turnover.

 Communications where you need it

Need communications in the Lab, Break Room or Consultation Room? Using a Windows tablet is an inexpensive option for locations with space limitations or that have no need for a larger computer and monitor. Simply connect your Windows tablet to your internal WiFi network and install BlueNote.

BlueNote Communicator Lights is optimized for use with Windows tablets from many different manufacturers. We support Microsoft Windows tablets running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 10. Here are a few tablets that are used by our customers.