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Lytec 2010 Program Install

Lytec Install


  1. At the welcome screen, click “Next”
  2. Program type: check your serial number if you aren’t sure
    1. For Gotham: Lytec Client Server
  3. Click Next after selecting program type
  4. Installation Type:
    1. “Client” if on a workstation
    2. “Server” on the server where the database is stored
    3. Click “Next”
  5. End User License Agreement:
    1. Click “I accept the agreement”
    2. Click “Next”
  6. Subscription Agreement:
    1. Click “I accept and I have authority to do so”
    2. Click “Next”
  7. Folder installation – Click “Next” to keep default.
  8. Data directory:
    1. Browse to the DATA drive on the server and allow the program to create the LytecData folder there.
    2. Click “Next”
  9. Keep this page (Select Components) default, Click “Next”
  10. Setup will now choose a destination for Encoder Pro. Click “Next” to keep default
  11. Installing database and report files:
    1. Check Install Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine
    2. Check Install Crystal Report Support Files
    3. Check Install Communications Manager
    4. Uncheck Install SQL Server Management Studio Express Edition
    5. Check to add “Lytec 2010” shortcut to desktop
  12. “You are now ready to install Lytec Client Server NT”:
    1. Click “Next” to begin installation
  13. Click “Finish” once installation is complete.