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In today’s digital practice internet is a must have and today’s digital practice consumes more bandwidth than ever.

An Internet modem is used to connect devices to the Internet. Called a WAN or Wide Area Network. Now normally you connect the modem to the router and the computers to the router or switch (by ethernet cable or wireless connections) and everything will be able to talk with one another.

An internet modem is usually provided by the internet service provider when you subscribe for service.

What Is The Best Internet Service?

There is no such thing as the best internet service because everyone’s internet service needs and service availability are different however there are few guidelines everyone can follow as a comparison.

Today’s digital practice need a minimum 20 MB download and at least 5 MB upload internet connection however if you use any type of cloud backup service you should increase your upload requirements.

If you allow your staff or practice to stream internet radio or online videos then you should have at least 25 MB connection.

TechWorks DDS Internet

We are an internet and voice service broker which means we can find the best internet service your budget in your neighbourhood

As of 06/25/2018 Comcast offered 25 mb internet for $69.99 and we believe it is the best value for the price.

Let us upgrade your internet speed at no cost when you order service through TechWorks DDS.

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