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Signature Pads Setup

Make sure sig pads work in Medic Talk


1. Navigated to in the informaiton tab, “Support and FAQs”

2. clicked “Learn More” under “Universal Driver”

3. clicked “Download”. moved this download to the server.

4. ran as “techworksinc” to install

5. walked through the installer, selected “Custom” install

6. clicked “Browse” for the path, and selected – C:\Medic talk\bin – as the path

7. selected the first and third option for ePad USB and ePadUSB-ink to install

8. clicked Next through the rest of the install

9. rebooted computer

10. Within Medic Talk, click “Settings” then “Configure” in the dropdown

11. in the window that pops up, clicked the drop down box and selected “ePad-ink”

12. clicked save, then test to confirm it can connect