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Welcome New End User. We request you review the page and make note of service desk / help desk polices and procedures.

Below information is meant to help you obtain efficient technology support in the event of an technology incident or routine service requests.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a widely accepted approach to IT Service Management (ITSM), which has been adopted by individuals and organizations across the world.

One nice thing about ITIL is it provides definitions for almost everything in IT service management.


  • Incidents: ITIL v3 defines an incident as ‘an unplanned interruption to current IT service or reduction in the quality of current IT service. So the main goal of Incident Management is to provide a quick fix that resolves the interruption and restores the service to its full capacity.
  • Service Requests: are defined as ‘a formal request from a end user for something to be provided – for example, a request for information or advice’. In other words, a service request is raised when you want to procure something that you don’t have in the first place. Be it access to the printer or upgrading to a higher version of a software.


Non Disclosure Agreement

All practice technology information is protected by TechWorks DDS non disclosure agreement and should never be disclosed to world outside including but not limited to visitors, vendors, guest , etc. Full version of the NDA can be found at

Technology Service Provider

All technology service for the practice is provided by TechWorks DDS and all technology incident and service requests related question or concerns should be directed to TechWorks DDS.

Contacting Service Provider

Service technicians will not take any service requests while onsite on scheduled service calls, practice staff must call 877-291-1099 to report a incident or problem and/or email

All add/change/remove type service requests must always be in writing and sent to and accompanied by department managers approval.

Request Policy

All incident should be reported via phone otherwise email incident requests will be considered same as service request. Technicians are not authorized to take onsite requests and/or relay messages to service desk. Technicians will direct all end users to contact service desk if approached by a end user for assistance while he/she is onsite.

Service requests must be submitted with 48 hour lead time and/or clearly stated delivery window.

Helpdesk Limitations

Service Desk / Help desk technicians are not authorized to disclose troubleshooting methods and/or steps taken for a resolution.

Technician are also not authorized to provide training on any hardware or software that exceeds 3 click or steps. Technicans are available to provide responses to incidents and problems and intake any service requests. If a service request is in regards to training or knowledge sharing the technician will escalate your request to sales department for proper quoting and scheduling.

Request Priority

Priority is given to incidents over service requests in following order:

  • Emergency – Production shutdown
  • Critical – Loss network resources
  • Medium – Incidents Requests
  • Low – Service Requests

Service Level Agreement

Incident : Initial Response

  • Request Received via phone: immediate answer
  • Request Received via email: 2 hours or less

Incident: Resolution Plan

  • 4 hours or less

Incident: Resolution Plan Implementation

  • 24 hours or less

Service Requests : Initial Response

  • Request Received via phone: immediate answer
  • Request Received via email: 2 hours or less

Service Requests : Proposal/Quote

  • 8 hours or less

Service Requests : Plan Implementation

  • According to availability and schedule agreed on quote.