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Troubleshooting MedicTalk “Run” Issues


Services for medic talk


1 On the server Log into the account that runs Medictalk ( for KEM it is   Dr. Moore)
2 Confirm that medictalk is running by looking for icon in running task( yellow box with six networked devices
3 If medictalk is not running go to the start menu and continue to step 3, if it is running go to step 7
4 Click all programs
5 Expand medictalk dentalforms
6 Click Start Medictalk server
7 On workstation open task manager
8 Close mtdentrix
9 Go to start menu
10 Click all programs
11 Expand medic talk
12 Run the green folder icon MT Connection
13 Open appointment book
14 Click an appointment
14 Go to running task
16 If there are two green folder one will disappear
17 Double click the green folder
18 Medic talk should open now